Friday, 11 July 2008


The Left Alternative (formerly Respect) had a successful float and walking group at this year's Pride Parade where we were able to give out thousands of leaflets, outlining our policies against homophobia and for full social and economic equality for all LGBT people, to a crowd of 800,000.

London Pride Parade is a yearly event that aims to promote equality and diversity and raise awareness of discrimination and the issues and difficulties affecting the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people around the world.

After an effective 2007 float, Pride organisers invited the Left Alternative back again to have a float and walking group on their "fairytales, myths and legends themed parade. Our legend was based on Robin Hood - People before Profit and was the only socialist themed float on the parade.

A group of Left Alternative activists dressed up and handed out material that called for:

* Support for all LGBT people facing discrimination in any country
* A grassroots campaign in every school of LGBT teachers, school catering staff, unions and their supporters to bring about cultural change in the education system
* Legislation of same sex marriages
* Full equality for LGBT people
* Cab pooling to get people home at night, bus conductors and tube guards brought back, and more refuges and counselling for hate crime victims.

To see Lindsey German's speech at this year's Stonewall hustings click here

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