Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Power in the Union

The language of priorities is the religion of socialism. There is an anecdote about Arthur Scargill & the miners of South Wales that perhaps puts things in the correct perspective:

In 1972, during the great strike, Arthur Scargill rang Dai Francis the leader of the South Wales miners and said,

‘Look, Dai, we need pickets up at Saltley, in Birmingham.’

Dai said, ‘Where’s that?’

Arthur explained.

‘Yes, we can organise them. When do you want them?’

‘Tomorrow, Saturday.’

Dai paused.

‘But Wales are playing Scotland at Cardiff Arms Park.’

There was a silence, and Scargill replied,

‘But Dai, the working class are playing the ruling class at Saltley.’

Needless to say a big delegation of miners from South Wales were present at the Battle of Saltley Gate!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a football match you plum! it was rugby! change your tag!

Respectable Citizen said...

We are aware of that, it was a sleepy mistake, duly corrected.