Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Letter to the G8 - From a Zimbabwean Activist in Cardiff

Dear Gordon Brown,

It is with deep sadness that I watch and read the news about the G8 were you masquerade triumphantly on your new added sanctions that do not cause Mr Mugabe any loss of sleep but actually turn up the heat on the already suffering, brutalised, dejected, hopeless, sick, starving, poor and dying Zimbabweans citizens.

For years we have had sanctions against Mugabe, travel restrictions but it seems those were targeted at the Zimbabwean citizens as We are the ones that seem to be restricted on travel as Mr Mugabe seems to still travel as he pleases.

Recently you have decided to punish our sportsmen how is that a deterrent for Mr Mugabe who has had some of the most vocal protests about his regime come from our sports women and man.

What a performance you put on showing fake concern, Zimbabweans that escaped the regime have been made destitute and live in limbo; with uncertain futures while Your goons at the Home Office wait for the window opportunity to forcibly remove over 12 000 failed asylum seekers.

At the moment we have 6 Zimbabweans that have been in detention for 23 months.They have been treated like criminals or terrorist held for so long with no sentence, indefinitely. Their only hope being to just surrender to their fate and voluntary return to Zimbabwe for slaughter. So that we can read about them and add them to the statistics that you have and read every morning with your cup of tea.

In closing next time you speak on behalf of the Zimbabweans and their suffering don't bother with the performance because We all know you do not care about Us.


Chris Baillieux said...

You left wingers are the cause of all the world's great problems... Mugabe's Zimbabwe is what you really want!!! A left winger hell bent on destroying democracy, free speech and castigating opponents as 'imperialists and racists'. I put it too you that like the filth on the far right you on the far left are evil despotic closet racists who want to depose of all those things they can't have i.e. brains, money etc. Capitalism WORKS, democracy WORKS, Britain WORKS!!! You commies hide behind a cloak of socialism well to me your more like (German) National socialists!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what you are talking about? Your comment is posted on a letter to Gordon Brown written by a Zimbabwean refugee from Mugabe's regime & partly attacks the hypocrisy of how the UK government treats the victims of Mugabe.

We support the opposition to Mugabe, while arguing that the MDC the biggest opposition group doesn't act in the interests of the poor majority, hence the critique raised by groups like the International Socialist Organisation in Zimbabwe who oppose Mugabe but also are sceptical of the MDC.

Capitalism doesn't seem to be working very well at present. As to democracy, the main problem with democracy in this country is that it is not democratic enough. You get to vote once every 4 years, we want to establish democratic accountability for big business, in our workplace etc.

Best wishes, Adamski, the Left Alternative in Cardiff