Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Fare Strike Against First Great Western!


"Despite being the worst performing rail franchise in the country, parent company FirstGroup increased profits by more than 10 % to £103.1 million in the six months to Sept 30. Its rail division increased operating profit by 9.8 % to £48.2 million. In contrast to their success at raiing profits they remain unable to improve the reliability of their trains, with only 80% of their trains arriving on time, or at all. This is an average figure accross their rail division with punctuality figures for some trains as low as 50% on a regular basis."
- More Trains Less Strain

Organisers of a Fare strike yesterday handed out hundreds of fake tickets in an inspirational piece of direct action against fare rises.

Hundreds of commuters wore cattle masks as they boarded their trains in an angry protest against unreliable services and rising fares. Campaigners gathered at 20 stations across the South West and handed out "fake tickets" for passengers to display their displeasure at the service provided by First Great Western.

Organisers of yesterday's protest, which started at 7.30am, said they handed out more than 2,000 fake tickets by the protest's end at 9am. Commuter Tony Ambrose said many people used the fake tickets rather than pay for their journey."This has sent out a really strong message that commuters just can't be taken for granted any more. Things have to change, they simply cannot go on as they are at present," he added.

Cardiff RESPECT campaigns for the re-nationalisation of the railways:
The climate crisis underlines the urgency of free and cheap public transport. Under New Labour, the cost of private motoring has gone down, while train and bus fares have rockets. We campaign for the £30 billion being spent on Labour's unsustainable road-building programme to be re-directed into public transport and for cheap and affordable transport for all workers.

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