Friday, 27 July 2007

Solidarity with the Posties!

As Postal workers enter their third bout of strike action, many pickets lines have seen solidarity visits from other workers.

Karen Tyre, who was a RESPECT candidate in May and is a Unison union steward in the Vale of Glamorgan council took some muffins down to the picket line at the mail centre in Cardiff.

She told RESPECT,

“The pickets were very positive. I was very warmly welcomed and we discussed the need for united action across the public sector.

I have done two collections round my building which I have taken to different post workers. The second collection I did was for the counter workers who work in the post office next to the office where I work. I spoke to them in the morning and they seemed a bit down about the dispute, so I took a petition and collection around my office – most people gave money – and took it back that evening. It was a real boost for the post workers.

The collections boost the post workers’ morale, but its also been really good for people in my office to feel part of the fight back. We have our own issues in the council so it has been good to build links.”


Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Hey! If I go on strike will RESPECT deliver some muffins to me?

Saw Galloway on the parliament channel - fucking star! I couldn't believe they chucked him out.

Respectable Citizen said...

We will certainly consider it! RESPECT is the party of trade unions afterall.

We aim to support any group of workers in struggle, anybody fighting back.

Why not join us? Email the address at the top of the blog!