Thursday, 12 July 2007

Smash the Pay Freeze

This is going to be a very important meeting in Cardiff for all those who want to support the workers striking against Gordon Brown's pay-freeze.
Let's make sure it's a success and take in the argument that joint action between PCS, CWU and other unions can beat New Labour and increase the confidence of workers all over Britain to fight back against neoliberalism...

Cardiff County Trades Union Council Public Meeting
Defending Public Services, Defending Public Sector Jobs

Tuesday 17th July 2007
Sandringham Hotel
St. Mary Street

Commencing at 7.30p.m.

Confirmed Speakers
John McInally PCS, National Executive Member
Alex Gordon, RMT Member of Council of Executives
Jane Loftus, CWU, President

At a time when workers are feeling under severe pressure and attack, come and debate with those who are leading the fight to save our public services and to defend the jobs of public service workers.

All are welcome - Please support


ajit8 said...

Great work, comrade. Keep building resistance! UNITE! CPBer

Anonymous said...


George Galloway is in the news tonight - watching him right now on the telly. He'll be on our programme to respond to the recommendation that he should be suspended from the House of Commons for 18 days. The Standards and Privileges Committee says the Respect MP concealed the true source of Iraqi funding to a charity he set up and failed to cooperate with its inquiry.
The Root Causes of the Darfur Crisis

Organised by: Co-ord Ctte of Communist Parties in Britain

On the: 21 July 2007

At: Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London N22

from 1.30 to 5.00pm.

Speakers from the Communist Party of the Sudan

This seminar provides a unique opportunity to acquire an indepth background on the situation to counter the unbalanced reporting in the media and realities.

To find out what is really happening in Darfur first hand and counter the mis-representation of the situation in Darfur come along to our seminar.

All are welcome.

Contact for further details

Organising Meeting

Organised by: North Wales Friends of Searchlight

On the: 26 July 2007

At: Shotton Lane Social Club, Deeside

Open meeting to elect a commitee to organise anti-fascist and anti-racist activity in north Wales.

Open to all who share our objectives.

7.30 pm, Thursday 26th July, Shotton Lane Social Club.

Light buffet provided.

Contact for further details

keep up resistance!!!

Anonymous said...

It all seems pretty politically motivated and the allegations have no substance:

A good point by point refutation here: