Thursday, 15 March 2007

Parliament votes to renew Trident

Trident Programme =
760 General Hospitals + 1,900 Schools

In order to fund warfare, Bush has slashed welfare.

The "war on terror" is a war on the poor at home and abroad.

In Britain, billions that could be spent on hospitals, schools and pensions are being spent on new weapons of mass destruction.

Yesterday, Parliament voted to renew Trident.

Respect stands unequivocally against nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

We need to create an alternative to more war on Iraq & Afghanistan, the intensification of the nuclear arms race and the threat of an attack on Iran.

Vote Respect on May 3rd!
Another world is possible!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cardiff Respect,

You may enjoy these photographs of the Cardiff demonstration against the invasion of the Lebanon, and can I commened the sterling work done by Respect over summer in building opposition to Bush/Blair imperialist wars!

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