Saturday, 17 March 2007

Dental patients wait as NHS cash runs out

A full-scale survey of 140 dentists by the South Wales Echo has revealed that 62 per cent are not accepting any new NHS patients or have a long waiting list before offering an appointment. A total of 38 per cent said they were accepting new NHS patients, or had a short wait of a few weeks.

Hundreds of patients are being forced to wait for treatment... because NHS dental surgeries have run out of money.

Britain is the 4th richest country in the world. Yet in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, working people and their families have trouble finding an NHS dentist.

The Welsh Labour Party claim there is "clear red water" between New Labour in Westminster and Welsh Labour - yet Wales contains some of the poorest people in the entire UK.

The creation of the NHS and the founding of a welfare state were some of the crowning achievements of the 1945 Labour government.

It promised a future where the best education, best health service & best facilities would be available to all - from cradle to grave - not the privileged few.

Respect will be standing in South Wales to defend and extend health provision to all, free at the point of need.


* A fully funded, publicly owned NHS, delivering care free at the point of use.

* Abolition of charges for prescriptions, chiropody, dentistry, eye & hearing services.

* Opposition to PFI schemes: All privatised services to be brought back into the NHS. No further closure of local hospitals or specialist units.

* Bring all agencies administering care services into public ownership under NHS or local government control.

* Expanded psychiatric health services.

* Improved training opportunities for doctors, nursing & related services

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Respect activists are playing a leading role in the Keep our NHS Public campaign:

There are some good articles onlineby John Lister, a Respect member and leading NHS campaigner & information director of London Health Emergency

Adam Johannes