Friday, 10 October 2008

The Rich turn Nasty . . .

According to a recent article in the Hate Mail (as we like to call the Daily Mail around here), a Merseyside Letting Agency is putting up "Rent Dodger Lives Here" placards on the houses of tenants who pay their rent late or not at all.

Most people who have experience of being ripped off by letting agency's will be mad at this. The LEFT Alternative in Cardiff will be printing signs with the phrase "Tax Dodger Lives Here" to put on the houses of the rich!

Last year the majority of billionaires in Wales didn't pay a penny in income tax, while over the summer a Barry pensioner spent a month behind bars because she failed to pay her council tax due to financial hardship.

And let's not forget that our taxes are paying for thick layabout scroungers like those pictured above on the right.


Anonymous said...

Come off it RC, just how many billionaires are IN Wales.

The ones with any sense are long gone.

Respectable Citizen said...

Interesting question.

The actual statistics I have read relate to the majority of billionaires getting away through a variety of means with not paying a penny in income tax - this referred to Britain as a whole. The most recent discussion of this I read was an article by Polly Toynbee. It is also staggering to read that last year apparently the cleaners at Goldmann Sachs paid more tax than the owners of Goldmann Sacks (The cleaners being on £5.90 per hour, the bosses taking home around a million a year) - but that's Gordon Brown.

I have seen no actual specific surveys of the rich in Wales, so you are right to pick up on this.

Though Wales has it's fair share of super-rich, Sir Terry Matthews springs to mind.