Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Support the Strikes!

Two trade union reps are standing for Cardiff Respect under the banner LEFT Party. Vote Joe Redmond in Adamsdown & Karen Tyre in Butetown! You can meet them tommorrow at the NUT strike rally at 10.30 am, St Peter's Hall, St Peter's Road (off City Road) where they will be showing support for striking teachers: THE WORKERS UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED!

Left List supports call for strike action

Gordon Brown is facing the biggest political crisis of his premiership over the abolition of the 10 percent income tax band for Britain's lowest earners. There is now serious speculation that he could even be forced from office. But if Brown has found himself in a hole, he has only himself to blame.

It is his commitment to big business and his determination to make the poorest in society pay for growing economic turmoil has led him into this storm. We are both workers who have been hit by Brown's attempts to clamp down on public sector wages - and we are both taking strike action on Thursday of this week to break through his pay limit.

We will be walking out alongside hundreds of thousands of teachers, lecturers, civil service workers, council workers and others.The strike is a great chance for workers to ramp up the pressure on the prime minister. It is a chance for us to put our demands - for decent pay, housing, public services and living standards - at the heart of the political storm that Brown now faces.

The attacks we face are caused by Brown's commitment to policies of profit, privatisation and war. That's why we need a political challenge to New Labour. On Thursday of next week we'll have a chance to show there is an alternative - by voting for the Left List in the London and local elections on 1st May.

The Left List is standing to represent ordinary working people who have been betrayed by New Labour and sold short by all the mainstream parties' challenge to the neoliberal drive of Brown and his New Labour cronies. That's why we're calling on everyone to back our strike this Thursday, 24th April - and to vote Left List on Thursday, 1st May.

Oliur Rahman, East London Respect/Left Party councillor, PCS union member and candidate for London Assembly
Sara Tomlinson, joint branch secretary of Lambeth NUT teachers union (pc)

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