Friday, 21 December 2007

Dreaming of a Red Christmas! Seasons Greetings from Cardiff RESPECT

Another year gone. Good friends we've lost.
As we march out of 2007 and onwards into a new year, let's hope that 2008 will be a red hot year of protest and action to save the planet, reverse neoliberalism and build a better world.
Across the universe, empire is facing cataclysmic defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when a rat's in a corner it doesn't just give up the fight and die but rather becomes more nasty and vicious, so expect to see an escalation of racism against asylum seekers and the demonisation of muslims, and the stepping up of agression towards Iran.
One sign of hope is on the continent of Latin America where rejection of neoliberalism is profound, we extend our fraternal greetings to our comrades across the world aiming to build "socialism in the 21st Century".
In this season of nativity plays our hearts are in Bethlehem where our brothers and sisters will spend Xmas under the heel of occupation.
Throughout this year Cardiff RESPECT has been active in the struggle on jobs, against Trident and war, trying to build a movement to save the planet, and in the frontline in the battle to resist and thwart the globalisers and their henchmen in Downing Street, Cardiff Bay and Washington.

If you are against war, racism, privatisation and the destruction of the environment and want to spend 2007 helping to build a socialist alternative to the 4 capitalist parties in Wales - New Labour, Plaid, LibDems and the Tories - email:

"In a dark time, the eyes begin to see"

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