Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Your RESPECT Candidates - Vote RESPECT tomorrow!

KAREN TYRE - South Wales Central

A lifelong socialist, Karen has been active in many campaigns against war, sexism, racism & privatisation from the anti-poll tax movement to the Stop the War Coalition. Karen is a UNISON rep for the Vale of Glamorgan Social Services workers who has played a key role in fighting against staff cuts and attacks on public services.

Karen says:

One of the crucial issues for me as a union rep is linking up the RESPECT campaign with the issues of the public sector wage freeze and the assault on public services. Resistance to these was seen yesterday on May Day, when civil service workers went on strike and other trade unionists held protests.

I organised at work for us to show solidarity with civil service workers on that day and collected money to donate to the PCS strike fund.

People are really hungry for an alternative to the major parties and RESPECT is that alternative. We want to lay down roots in this campaign.

PAUL LYNCH - South Wales West

I'm 40 in August. I was born and raised in Swansea. After leaving school I served a four year apprenticeship to become a carpenter and joiner, and at the age of 30 I studied social sciences part-time.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS. I was virtually housebound for two years but I have been slowly recovering over the last three years.

Whereas going to an anti-war demo was a major achievement just a few years ago, I now chair the very successful Swansea Defend Council Housing campaign which recently saw 72.1% of tenants in Swansea vote a resounding 'NO' to housing stock transfer.

I have also been a campaigner for disabled people since 2001.

I am a traditional Labour voter, except, like millions of others in this country, I can't vote Labour anymore because they have gone over to the right.

I was strongly opposed to Blair's wars even before they started, so I became involved with Stop the War Coalition. I also want to defend our public services from Gordon Brown and that's why I became chairman of Swansea Defend Council Housing and have pledged to continue campaigning to defend our public services.

I am also proud to be a member of Unite Against Fascism.

AHMED AL-JEFFREY - South Wales West

Ahmed has lived in Swansea for the past 14 years and has been one of the most active anti-war campaigners ever since 2001.

A musician and MC, and student at Swansea University, Ahmed recently came second in the elections for Student Union President fighting the election on an incredibly political and progressive platform for RESPECT.

He has played a key role in bringing Swansea's Muslim community closer to the movement and the RESPECT campaign

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