Saturday, 28 April 2007



Gordon Brown has given the Ministry of Defence a blank cheque.
He has set aside billions to wage war while telling public sector workers to accept a wage freeze.

In Britain, hundreds of thousands of PCS members of the civil servants workers' union will be striking against job cuts that will devastate services and against privatisation and low pay. Many other trade unions will be joining the protest.

Show solidarity with fellow working people by joining the Cardiff protest:

PCS Rally and Picnic
11 am - 12 Noon
Tuesday 1 May
Steps of Assembly Building
Cathays Park

Labour have betrayed socialist values and the trade unions.

RESPECT offer a new, better home for fighting trade unionists, a party that will fight to always put workers interests above business interests. We back the Trade Union Freedom Bill and want all anti-trade union laws scrapped. Labour have been in power for 10 years and the anti-union legislation is still in place.

RESPECT have emerged in the last three years as the natural home for socialist trade unionists, with leading members of leading unions joining the party and RESPECT's members at the forefront of trade union and industrial action.

RESPECT is absolutely opposed to job losses in the civil service, and such cuts are an attack on both service provision and trade unionism.

RESPECT rejects any further privatisation of public services and the provision of services at the convenience of the free market.

RESPECT strongly supports national pay negotiations and opposes the divide and rule strategy used by the government in splitting up pay negotiations into separate deals.

PCS members can fight back in three ways:

1. Unity in action on May Day in a mighty strike. Build unity with other workers and trade unions to maximise pressure on Gordon Brown.

2. Build a rank and file movement of trade unionists in every workplace to organise resistance to Brown and Blair on both economic questions and political questions such as war, racism and destruction of the planet. Elect a fighting, democratic and socialist leadership to the union NEC - one that stands up for members, not for upper management accountable to rank and file members. Build unity across trade unions to oppose the government.

3. On May 3rd vote for the one party, the ONLY party in Wales, which has unreservedly supported the PCS members fight for jobs, pay and conditions and is dedicated to building fighting trade unions:

RESPECT - The Party of Trade Unions

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